Charcoat IC

Silicone based coating for the prevention of pollution flashover

Micron thickness DFT

Excellent arc resistance

Fast hydrophobicity transfer to contaminating layers

Fast recovery of hydrophobicity after arcing

Resistance to damage by corona discharge

Adhesion to glass, ceramic and resin surfaces

Resistant to oil, ozone, various chemicals and petrols

Ageing resistant

100% UV resistant

Exterior Application

Non Toxic / Non Hazardous

5kg Pails

Minimum Order Quantity: 5 pails


  • BS2918 – Dielectric Strength
  • IEC 93 – Surface Resistivity
  • IEC 93 – Volume Resistivity
  • IEC 60273 – Hydrophobicity
  • ASTM D 495-99 – Arc Resistance
  • ASTM D 2303-97 – Tracking and Erosion
  • CPRI REC Sprc. – Hydrophobicity Recovery

For technical information, please visit our CharCoat IC Information Page