CharCoat PS is a high performance, professional quality, one part ready to use fire rated sealant and adhesive. Based on an innovative new Polymer Technology it is suitable for a wide variety of building trade applications including decorating, flooring, joinery, plumbing and tiling and out-performs conventional silicone, MSP, butyl and acrylic based products as a sealant and adhesive the only sealant free from dangerous emissions.

CharCoat PS is a non-reactive environmentally friendly chemistry that ensures compatibility with most building materials and has the unique property of moving dynamically to accommodate the natural or unexpected movements of sealed/bonded joints within a building, for long lasting performance. CharCoat PS eliminates the selection choices that need to be made with conventional sealants and adhesives. Choosing a product for a building application can be confusing especially as there are a wide number of products available and within those products a variety of grades, with variations in properes to suit the substrate or application. CharCoat PS overcomes this by offering the tradesman one solution for all internal building applications.

CharCoat PS Sealant offers the following benefits:

CharCoat PS remains permanently flexible and is paintable with both alkyd resin and water based paints.

Suitable applications include:

• Internal sealing around doors and windows

• Sealing where air quality for health is important

• Sanitary applications including showers

• Sealing of gaps around fitted furniture and worktops

• Sealing around flooring

• Fire resistant sealing

• Radon resistant sealing

• Decorating caulking and sealing

• Air and sound sealing

CharCoat PS can be used as an adhesive and has excellent initial grab quickly developing a high bond strength resulting in a permanent fixing. It is easy and economical to apply and is ideal for general construction, fixing and bonding. CharCoat PS bonds to most building materials.

NOTE: E Approval = Integrity | EI Approval = Insulation