Since 1994, Sean Ritchie, Founder and CEO of CharCoat Passive Fire Protection has been protecting assets from electrical cable, structural, hydrocarbon and jet fires.

In the many years since conception, CharCoat has formed a global footprint in manufacturing and supplying “Fit For Purpose” products that offer solutions to problems faced on industrial, Oil & Gas and commercial projects.

Formally known as KBS Passive Fire, CharCoat Passive Fire Protection has been supplying PFP products to the global marketplace for many years providing practical engineered solutions based on site requirements, not theoretical product capabilities.

The stable of CharCoat products available today are a culmination of many years, many, many tests and even more practical applications.

To the products we created. Originally designed in 1982 (IP purchased over and owned by Sean Ritchie), CharCoat CC has been through several upgrades and is now the most highly rated Cable Coating on the market today with 90-minute Fire ratings on cable in Hydrocarbon and Non-Hydrocarbon Environments (IEC60331-11 & 21 by Intertek). It also carries spread of flame certification (ASTM, UL, FM, IEC), radiant heat, UV certification, rodent certification and nuclear application.

Coupled with IP purchases of Firestop product tested and certified by ULeu, the CharCoat PFP (Passive Fire Protection) range is complete for electrical cables and Plastic / metal pipe. All Toll manufactured in the USA, UK and South Africa.

As we move in to 2020, CharCoat will also open a full coatings division, not only developing our own products, but working together in Joint Ventures with other manufactures to offer our clients the best opportunities.

CharCoat also now has service offices located in Thailand, Hong Kong, India/Middle East and Trinidad, with its head office located in Canada.

Toll manufacturing was chosen as our 27 years experience is in the field, not on the factory floor.

Our New highly successful model, The CharCoat Alliance, will again revolutionize the Fire Protection Industry.

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